One of the great joys of being a church is what we do together. God has given each member of St. John’s many gifts and ways that each person can serve him in everyday life.  Together, as one body, we make such a great impact for the Lord’s kingdom.

Periodically St. John’s has different projects and events to be done specifically at our church or in Stewartville or beyond. These are not long-term commitments. Rather, we seek people who are willing and interested in helping with a smaller task or for a short period of time.

These men and women then form a task force to accomplish their goal. Once done, that task force is disbanded!  If you see something in which you would like to take part, just use the form to offer your service and someone will be in touch with you. Thanks!

Current Tasks

  • FALL FESTIVAL VOLUNTEERS are needed to assist on Saturday, October 16 from 2-4pm to help with crafts and games. For questions, contact our Christian Outreach team: Arleen Shaw, Emily Fritsch, Katrina Kumfer, Amanda Meyer and Amy Myhrvold. Let us know if you can help with this fun family event!
  • AUDIO/VISUAL OPERATORS are needed to help run the A/V equipment at worship services, including livestreaming and recording the services and classes.  Training will be provided and once trained, members sign-up for the services at which they are able to assist.

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