JOY Group to Glad Farm

The JOY Group made a trip to Meyer’s Gladiolus Farm on Sunday, August 18.  The group learned about hybridizing, growing, and showing gladiolus. We also were amazed at how many places and patients the Meyers give free gladiolus each week.  It was a most enjoyable day!

Pastor Justin’s Installation

Pastor Justin Kumfer was installed as our Associate Pastor on Sunday, July 21.  After the service everyone enjoyed a delicious pork chop supper amid the fellowship of new and old friends.  We thank God for the blessings of the day and for bringing the Kumfer family to our community.

Vacation Bible School 2019

VBS was a great successA total of 121 students attended our One of a Kind Zoo.  By focusing on various animals who did miraculous things as recorded in the Bible (a snake and a donkey that talked, a great fish who swallowed a man, hungry lions that did not eat, and a Lamb who died and rose again) the children learned the precious Gospel of Jesus—which is their life and their salvation!