Ways to Support St. John’s Lutheran Church

General Fund – This provides the financial resources for the day to day ministry of the church.

Memorials and Special Gifts

Ladies Aid – To help fund the work and mission of the women’s group.

Youth Group – To help the youth attend National Youth Gatherings and other events.

Altar Guild – For the purchase of items used in worship.

Wee Care – To help cover staff salaries so that tuition rates be kept as low as possible.

Wee Care Scholarship Fund – To grant financial aid to qualified families to help pay some of the cost of sending a child to Wee Care.

Capital Replacement – Major equipment and appliances are aging (most are over 22 years old) including the furnaces and air conditioners in the church & parsonage.

Roof Repair – The sloped roofs over the church & education wing are over 22 years old. They are holding their own and will last for some more years, but when new roofs are needed that will certainly cost tens of thousands of dollars.

Area Food Insecurities – This is to help with hunger in our community.  Please designate if you want money to go towards the Backpack Program or Little Pantry.

Local Assistance – Donate to help provide gas and/or grocery gift cards to those who request our help.

Scholarship Fund (LCMS Colleges) – For students who attend one of the colleges of the Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod’s Concordia University System or Valparaiso.

Music Ministry Memorial – Memorials received that are designated for the choir, hand bells or other music ministries.

New Office Copier – New color copier for the office.

RCLS Tuition Fund – To provide funds for those students who would be attending RCLS.

Offering By Mail

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