Student Forms and Information

Please be aware: Due to the ever-changing situation with COVID-19, changes may occur prior to the beginning of the school year. Wee Care is licensed by the State of Minnesota and is required to follow certain guidelines. At this time, we do not know what (if any) changes will be recommended. Additional forms, procedures, regulations or other issues may impact classes for the fall. All registered families should monitor email for any updates throughout the summer.

Welcome to Wee Care!

To complete the preschool registration process, all families are required to complete steps 1-5 below.  All forms (in steps 3-5) must be submitted to Wee Care by July 15. 

Click here to read the Wee Care Parent Policy. 

Click here to review the Minnesota Maltreatment of Minors Mandated Reporting guidelines. 

Choose your method to complete the Student Information Form:

  • Click here to download and print the Student Information Form. 
  • Receive a link to the online Student Information Form by completing the request below:

Student Information Form Link Request

Please complete the form below to request a link to the online Student Information Form.

A current health care summary must be on file for your child. It may be submitted in one of two forms:

  • Print the Health Care Summary Form and have it completed by your child’s health care provider.
  • Have your child’s health care provider summarize the same information (last date of medical examination, how long child has been seen by provider, known allergies, dietary concerns, health conditions, vision/hearing/speech status, and any other pertinent medical information). This form must be electronically or manually signed by your child’s health care provider.

You can submit your child’s immunization record in one of three ways:

  • Download and email your child’s immunization record to Wee Care at
  • Request a copy of your child’s immunization record from his/her health care provider and email or postage mail it to Wee Care
  • Download, complete and return this MN Childhood Immunization Form to Wee Care via email or postage mail. 

If your child has any medical or non-medical immunization exemptions, you must complete page 2 of the MN Childhood Immunization Form and have it properly notarized (non-medical) or signed by a health care provider (medical).

Ways to return forms:

1. Mail forms to

Wee Care Learning Center
111 2nd Ave. NE
Stewartville, MN  55976

2. Email completed forms to 

3. Deposit forms in the Tuition and Forms drop box outside of the main Wee Care door. 

*If you need paper copies of any forms, please email your request, providing your name and address, to

Other information for Parents:

Please click on the links below to find more information about our center or additional forms that you may need.