Milestones bring together parents of children that are the same age/grade for an event every year of a child’s life, from birth to high school graduation. Some of the benefits and goals of these milestones include:

  • A wonderful opportunity for families to build new friendships, and to share advice, concerns, and stories about parenting and life.
  • Each course has a new theme and provides parents with tools and ideas of how to talk about God in their homes with their children.
  • The church will also give a gift to the families who participate in each course which will help strengthen the faith of your children.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak the following schedule of classes may need to be adjusted.

Next Milestone Classes:

Parents of preschool/kindergarten children are invited to gather together for an event called, Worship, Prayer, and our Church.  The three-session course will meet on Sunday, April 19 and 26 and May 3 at 9:15am in the east Sunday School room in the education wing.  The emphasis is on how the body of Christ impacts the family and daily life.  The gift to these families includes a worship kit.  Pastor Justin will lead these sessions.

On Sunday, April 26, from noon – 3pm, the 11th graders and parents are invited to the event titled, Keeping God in Your Relationships/Looking Ahead to Life After High School. The theme takes a look at how to hold God as the center of one’s life, family, and friends at all stages and in all places.  Our gift to the students is a carabiner.  Pastor Justin will lead this session.