All men are invited to participate in the Men’s Group.  It usually meets once a month (the third Monday at 7pm) to discuss topics of interest to Christian men.  Very often the group uses materials provided by Lutheran Hour Ministries to supplement the discussion.  The setting is relaxed and informal, but thought-provoking and spiritually enriching.  Our Director of Christian Education, Dave Erickson, leads the group.

The Men’s Group will meet on Monday, April 20 at 7pm in the youth room.

Making our households more hospitable toward outsiders is a challenge. In Lutheran Hour Ministries’ Households of Faith video study, we learn that by applying spiritual disciplines, extending hospitality, and engaging in spiritual conversations we can transform our households into more open and engaging places. With Scriptures verses, family testimonies, and research to reinforce these key objectives, Households of Faith can help make any household a place where God’s love is shared, and people are encouraged to learn more about Jesus.  All men are invited to join in this study!