All men are invited to participate in the men’s group.  It usually meets once a month (the third Monday at 7pm) to discuss topics of interest to Christian men.  Very often the group uses materials provided by Lutheran Hour Ministries to supplement the discussion.  The setting is relaxed and informal, but thought-provoking and spiritually enriching.  Our Director of Christian Education, Dave Erickson, leads the group.

The Men’s Group will meet on Monday, September 16 at 7pm in the youth room. All men are invited.  The topic, from Lutheran Hour Ministries, is Nurturing Your Faith: Called – Part 2: Called to Faith.  As we live our faith, we may find our lives at odds with the world. Remaining steadfast in Christ is the daily challenge we all face. The apostle Paul knew very well how life and circumstances can rise up against us, chipping away at our resolve and, sometimes, even crushing our faith altogether. This is where knowing God’s Word is all important. Paul reminds us to walk by the Spirit, putting on God’s whole armor to overcome evil and to “stand firm” in the faith.  What does that entail?