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Prayer Requests


If you have a prayer request, please leave it in the comments section below.  We will then add it to our weekly prayer list.  Please include your name and your relationship to the request (are we praying for your brother, for a job opportunity, etc.)  If you wish for continued prayer, simply resubmit the request to keep it on the list!



April 22, 2018


Hospitalized/Health Concerns:

-For Doug Feine who is recovering at home from recent heart mitral valve surgery.  Doug is doing well and making good progress.

-For Walter Banitt, Jenni Laures’ grandfather, who is hospitalized at St. Marys with congestive heart failure and a blood clot in both of his lungs.  With treatments he is making good progress.  We also pray for his wife of 66 years, Dorraine, who is, of course, distressed by what is happening.

For Bob House, brother of Betty Stoltenberg who suffered severe injuries in a skiing accident.  He has a spinal cord injury, but is starting to get movement back in his arms, legs and some fingers.  He is at the Courage Kenny Rehabilitation Institute in Minneapolis for therapy.

-For Dale Meldahl who is receiving chemotherapy for stomach cancer.

-For Lyndon Luke who continues to deal with cancer and the side effects of treatments.

-For Adalia Norgrant, Kathy Tordsen’s nephew’s wife, who is receiving radiation and chemotherapy for a brain tumor.  She lives with her family in California.

-For Angela Lewis, Janelle Fistler’s sister, who is receiving chemotherapy for cancer.  Angela and her family live in Iowa.

-For Gertrude Holzerland who is receiving hospice care at the Stewartville Care Center.

-For Norm Schultz who is receiving hospice care at the Chosen Valley Care Center in Chatifeld.  He has an advanced case of Alzheimer’s Disease.