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Prayer Requests


If you have a prayer request, please leave it in the comments section below.  We will then add it to our weekly prayer list.  Please include your name, your relationship to the request (are we praying for your brother, for a job opportunity, etc.), and if you would like one of our pastors to contact you to pray with you also! If you wish for continued prayer, simply resubmit the request to keep it on the list!



October 22, 2017


Help and Blessing:

-For those devastated by fires in California: for the families of those who perished in the fires that they be comforted; for those who lost their homes and places of business that they be strengthened and encouraged; and for the fire fighters that they be granted success in their duties.

-For the Lord’s continued care for those effected by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria and for all the relief agencies and workers who are bringing help to those in need.


In Loving Memory:

-For the family of Rose Buns, whose sister, Nancy Stolhankse, died on Tuesday.  We especially lift up her children, Heidi and David as they grieve the loss of their mother.  Lord, comfort them with the glory of the resurrection!



-For Kevin Welter and Samantha Slovinski who will be married at our church on Saturday, October 21.  May the good Lord grant them every good and perfect gift that they may live together in holy love all their days.

-For Pastor Steve and Hannah as they prepare to conclude their ministry and time here in Stewartville and as they anticipate new experiences, service and joys in Lee’s Summit.

-Safe travels for Pastor Fritsch and Connie as they travel back from Maryland.


Hospitalized/Health Concerns:

-For Pat Banitt, Jenni Laures’ mother, who had her knee replaced on Tuesday, that she would recover quickly and pain would be minimal.

-For Dorothy Sheppherd, as she fell Wednesday in her home and broke her hip.  She will be having surgery on Friday at St. Mary’s.

-For Blake Eickhoff, as he will be having his adenoids removed on Monday.

-For Michelle Griffis as she continues to recover strength each day.

-For Lyndon Luke as he continues to deal with cancer.

-For those with mental and emotional issues that they get the help they need.

-For all those who reside in Care Centers and those who are homebound.


MN South LCMS Missionaries and Mission Outposts:

-One of the sister congregations in our circuit: Redeemer Lutheran Church in Rochester and their staff: Rev. Adam Koglin, DCE’s Michael Harvey and Josh Heirigs, Music Director April Beckman

-Staff of the Minnesota South District: Mr. Sean Martens, Assistant to the President for Education and Commissioned Ministers

-Career Missionary: John and Mariam Gayed, People of the Book Lutheran Outreach (POBLO), Rochester

In his prayers:

  • Thanksgiving for all the people God has brought to POBLO.
  • That the Spirit will work through John and Mariam to share the Good News of Christ with all these men, women, and children!


Our Government Officials and those who serve our country:

-At the national level: United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres

-At the state level: MN House of Representatives Nels Pierson

-At the county level: County Board of Commissioners

-At the city level: Mayor Jimmie-John King

-For all of our troops, both local and abroad.