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Christ in Culture

A fantastic listen on the role of the Christian as a citizen.  What role do you have as a Christian?  As an American?  Is the idea of the separation of church and state Christian?  How should we view, interact with, and serve our government?  Our neighbor?  Listen in on Concordia Seminary’s Dr. Joel Biermann as he discusses this hot topic.

2851. Christians Engage the World, Part 2: The Church’s Place in the Public Square – Dr. Joel Biermann, 10/12/17


The Way of Jesus – Our Worldstory as Christians (videos feature enhancements thanks to Dave Erickson!)

The Introduction


This Week’s New Topic – Can We Trust the Bible?

Last Week’s Topic – The Purpose of Life


POBLO, People of the Book Lutheran Outreach, is an effort to reach out to immigrants and other cultures around us with the life-saving gospel of Jesus Christ.  Our circuit supports a missionary in Rochester, and while efforts began with Muslim immigrants, they have also reached out to many other communities including the Chinese.  If you are interested in how to get involved, please contact one of our pastors.  Also, read the invitation below to contribute financially to the support of POBLO Rochester.



Read the October 2017 POBLO Rochester Newsletter: