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Task Forces


One of the great joys of being in a community is what we can do together.  Without a doubt, God has given each member of St. John’s many gifts and ways that each person can serve Him in everyday life.


We also have a wonderful opportunity to come together, as one body, and make an even greater impact for the Lord’s kingdom.  St. John’s has different projects and events that seek to do just that: advance His kingdom. These may be projects that are done specifically at our church or they may be service opportunities to be accomplished in Stewartville or beyond. These are not long-term commitments. Rather, we are seeking people who are willing and interested in helping with a smaller task or project for a short period of time.  These men and women then form a task force to accomplish their goal.  Once done, that task force is disbanded!  Please check back periodically for a list of new projects. Then, if you see something in which you would like to take part, please be sure to use the form below to offer your service.  Thanks!




Current Task Forces


  • Painters

We need several members to paint the railing outside the front of the church.  If possible, the doorframes and window frames at the main entrance could also go for a coat of paint. The job can be done at your convenience.  The paint will be supplied.


  • Audio/Visual Operators

Members are needed to help run the audio/visual equipment at worship services, funerals and weddings.  Training is given.  Once trained, members sign-up for the services at which they are able to assist.


  • Ushering

At every worship service we need members to usher and greet the people who come. A list of the specific things that need to be done is available. Most especially we need members who help present a welcoming spirit.



Use the contact form below to offer your assistance. Please check back regularly for more opportunities!