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Faith Legacy Milestones



Milestones bring together parents of children that are the same age/grade for an event every year of a child’s life, from birth to high school graduation.  Some of the benefits and goals of these milestones include:

  • A wonderful opportunity for families to build new friendships, and to share advice, concerns, and stories about parenting and life.
  • Each course has a new theme and provides parents with tools and ideas of how to talk about God in their homes with their children.
  • The church will also give a gift to the families who participate in each course which will help strengthen the faith of your children.


Current schedule:

Parents of 4-year-olds and Kindergarten children are gathering on Sunday, February 18 and 25 at 9:15am in the west preschool room.  The theme is Passing on the Faith through the Small Catechism.  Martin Luther meant for his catechism to be used at home, and these sessions focus on how that can happen! The gift is a copy of the Catechism.  Paul & Gretchen Eickhoff are leading the session.



NOTE: We are making some changes in the scheduling of the Milestone courses.  Basically, we are bringing two years of ages into single programs.  For instance this month we are putting together the parents of four-year-olds and kindergartners.  We will also be combining 1st and 2nd grade; 3rd and 4th grade, etc.  The course material will be alternated each year so there is no repetition for families (except when they have more than one child).  This will bring together larger numbers of parents and families for more discussion and interaction.

Watch the weekly announcements for news of upcoming sessions.  Dave Erickson, our Director of Christian Education, is now coordinating this program. Talk to him if you have questions or suggestions.