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Adult Bible Studies

Christian Education is not just for children—it is for adults, too.  Too often adults think that Bible study is not important or relevant to them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  As you study the Scripture, the Holy Spirit will certainly bless you in countless ways.


  • Older services, sermon series, and Bible classes are archived on our YouTube channel here.



SUNDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY at 9:15am in the fellowship hall

On Sunday, October 15 and 22 the class will be led by Pastor Steve.  In anticipation of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation on October 31 he is leading the class in a survey of the 95 theses that Martin Luther posted on the church door in Wittenberg that fateful day 500 years ago.  On Sunday, October 29 Pastor Fritsch will resume the class titled, A Man Named Martin – Part 3: The Movement.”


TUESDAY MORNING BIBLE STUDY at 10am in the fellowship hall 

The group is exploring the Genesis account of Joseph.  They are also watching the movie Joseph, starring Ben Kingsley, Paul Mercurio and Martin Landau. Pastor Fritsch is leading the class. Everyone is welcome.