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Ask Your Pastor


Have you ever had a question about God or Scripture that you really wanted to ask, but you just haven’t?  Or maybe you have, and no one gave you an answer.  Here’s your chance.  From the deeply serious question to those just trying to stump Pastor Steve by asking him what the genus maiestaticum is without having to look it up, feel free to ask whatever you’d like!  And believe it or not, it’s good for everyone!  You get your question answered, (eventually, as he might have to look it up!), your brothers and sisters in Christ get to grow in their faith, and you challenge your Pastor to keep learning and growing, too!  So go ahead, ask away.  Pastor Steve will video record himself as he gives an answer and he’ll post that video both here and on our church’s YouTube channel.


From E…asking about God’s perfect plan for our lives.

From L… wondering about the events after Jesus’ resurrection.